Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bubble, Hearth, Log

I had never really used the paladin's bubble, but tonight, I learned of its greatness. I was fighting Lord Melenas for the Twisted Hatred quest. He had one little friend. I smacked Melenas with Hammer of Justice and started whaling on the grell. All was well until the grell decided to run, pulling two other grellkin, one of whom was a rare demon.

Great. So now what? I finished of the first grell and turned my attentions to Melenas. It didn't take long for my health to become dangerously low. So, I bubbled, coincidentally right after Melenas kicked the bucket. It gave me enough time to heal twice without interruption, which gave me enough health to be able to squish the remaining two grellkin.

Not bad for a n00b pally. Four demons lying dead, one draenei standing victorious.

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